Angie and Rod

Endless anecdotes, laughter and overall happiness were the foundations of this wedding. Angie and Rod complemented each other in their sense of humour, laid back personality and the love that they expressed for each other. 

The gorgeous Britannia Shipyards in Richmond added such a classic touch to their rustic wedding. 

“This is definitely a family wedding” said the father of the groom as he was giving his speech. That very same thought is what went through my mind when I came in to the venue to find that all of their friends and family were the ones that were setting up the decorations and ensuring that everything was in place for the lovely couple.

Observing, as I often do, I noticed how everyone had their own role in setting up the decorations, with smiles and jokes,they quickly finished the decor and transformed an otherwise empty venue into a reflection of Angie and Rod’s personality.

Then, as the intimate ceremony commenced, I looked at the Ron, the groom, who with his eyes wide open, was eagerly expecting the arrival of his bride. He had seen her before in her wedding dress, during the first look, but that did not seem to matter as his face reflected as much shock and happy surprise as if he had not seen her prior.

The speeches during the ceremony and the stories that yielded both tears and bursts of happiness filled the room with long-lasting memories. 

It was truly a pleasure to have photographed this wedding with E. Fraser Photography. 

Congratulations to both Angie and Ron! 

Yenny Paez