Jaclyn and Claude

When I first met with Jaclyn and Claude, our personalities jived almost instantly. We were in a busy coffee shop. I had arrived 20 minutes early. Jaclyn arrived before Claude, and was very pleased to see that I was a punctual person. Claude, in the other hand, was fashionably late. He was quick to justify his tardiness with his assumption that me being latin american, could only mean that I too would be late. 

We quickly bonded over the story of how they met. It was at a masquerade ball and I know what you are thinking.. what a fairy tale! I thought the same thing, but  as soon as I made a gesture of excitement they were very quick to tell me that the story did not quite start there. It actually started two months after that day when they began spending more time together and eventually became a couple. 

You have no idea just how fun and outgoing these two are. They are so willing to take on my direction, no matter how silly my propositions can get at times. Every time that I see them, they have a smile on their faces, it is contagious. 

For this shoot, there were four of us with cameras in front of them. The videography team, Simon and Jacob from Capture Productions http://captureproductions.ca/ and my lovely second shooter Isabella from This Is It Studios http://www.thisisitstudios.com/ joined us. Jaclyn and Claude were busy laughing, slow dancing and showing us their catwalk that they probably forgot we were there. 

I can't wait to meet their family and friends, who from the sounds of it, are just as fun and easygoing as these two are. Their wedding is sure going to be filled with laughter and entertaining stories. Cheers to many more memories ahead.

July 2, here we come! 


Yenny Paez Photography

Yenny Paez